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I took this photo in the Baja, Mexico in the summer of 2015 when I was helping film a PBS show about food and travel. It reminds me of serenity even when being dropped in new, unfamiliar situations. Life can rock!

I took this photo in the Baja, Mexico in the summer of 2015 when I was helping film a PBS show about food and travel. It reminds me of serenity even when being dropped in new, unfamiliar situations. Life can rock!

Hi. My name is Maalikah. I decided to start a blog. As a college graduate and part-time restaurant server who has been searching for steady work for months now, I thought starting a blog would help me obtain a greater peace of mind.

The job market out there is rough, as shocking as that may sound. Especially for someone whose background is in journalism and digital media. But to be honest, I never really pictured myself working a 9-5 (I guess 8-5 these days) behind a desk taking orders from someone I disagree with. And I wouldn’t completely knock that lifestyle either (hey, I’m still looking!), I’ve had great experiences in those situations actually. Whether it be working at a town paper or on a fun TV show, they were all meaningful, rewarding experiences. But as frightening as it is, I would like to be the boss one day. The one calling the shots (literally). I thought maybe this blog could be a platform for something bigger than myself one day.

A little background info about me is that I was born in South Africa and grew up in Miami as a kid. I’ve been living in the gorgeous state of Colorado since I was 13 (Jesus!) and I was, for the most part of my life, considered a 3rd class citizen–an undocumented immigrant−up until just a few years ago.  I’ve experienced being oppressed and it is what guided me to where I am today I believe. I’m happy to know that we all aren’t bound by our pasts though, and our stories can change as soon as we wish them. The problem I’ve noticed for myself however–while being underemployed and in a bit of a rut−is starting all over; finding out what makes me super happy and giddy again. I’ve experienced it before, but now I’m just trying to get a hold of it again somehow.

My passion, or at least I think it is, is putting out informative and inspiring information that is new to the public. I love journalism, researching, interviewing, investigating, writing, photography, video production, documenting, editing and making things come to life that will make whoever read, observed or watched it, better off. Also, I’m in love with traveling; anywhere new really. Whenever I am lucky enough to get that opportunity, I love being surrounded in new beauty, learning and experiencing new things. While I’m talking about loves, I don’t want to forget about food. But I’ll touch on that another time.

For my blog however, I’m afraid it might be all over the place. I want to talk about many different topics of interest: love, navigating life, geopolitics, health, science, family, space, politics, war, food, immigration, movie reviews, comedy, corruption, fraud, culture, tragedy or whatever hot topic is under the sun. Is that a bad thing to not have this narrowed down just yet? Anyway, I’m just trying this out and my biggest wish–and I’ll need a prayer on this one–is to actually follow through with it and see if I still have it in me to create and to create without worrying about judgment. My hope in the future is that my work can inform and affect just one person positively.

That all being said, a few other things you should know about me are: I don’t take things at face value. I have a lot of questions. I don’t like corruption or fraud. I can be weary of popular opinion or group think. I like to think for myself. I like to listen to others. I like to be respectful. I like to hear every different nook and cranny about an issue. I guess I’m saying this because I do have strong opinions on certain issues and yet, a lot of disillusionment on others. I can also have a very optimistic outlook because I have fortunately gotten a taste of how awesome life can be! I just need to remind myself of all the infinite possibilities that are out there (as scary as getting there may be). So wish me luck, here goes nothing and I hope y’all stay tuned 🙂  …

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