“Work, work, work, work, work…”


Do you like the title? It’s a jingle from a really bad Rihanna song. Sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been doing life stuff! I do want to update the blog in case some of you are returning however, in which case I have to say…Thank you so much!!!!

This week’s blog is for all my underemployed and unemployed folks out there. It can be rough. Especially if you’ve chosen a path in journalism and digital media—but then again finding good work is just hard all around. Some day I want to produce documentaries. I recently wrote a one-pager for my first doc which is to focus on alternative and preventative healthcare in our society (and how to defeat the mega corporations/politics holding us down), but so far no luck with interviewees reaching back. I don’t want to give up, though. I’ve recently enlisted my sister and hubby to help me out—multiple heads are better than one. Once we get into a positive work flow I’m hoping something will come out of it.

Other news in the work department however,  is that I finally landed a job! After a year of being underemployed, sending out a gazillion applications and interviewing, I finally landed something. Hallelujah! Okay, so it is part-time. And it is a paid internship. But I decided to look on the bright side of things—this job (at a certain high-end city magazine working as the Digital Editorial Assistant) will open a new door for me and put me in a better place.

I will be back in the downtown area, about 30 minutes from where I am now, and I will hopefully be writing about exciting food, travel and culture stories, doing fun photography work and hopefully moving on to writing more important news and feature stories! That would be the goal, but for now it does sound like a lot of website migration work. Which is also another learning opportunity! I can gripe about how I just fell into another internship (which I did) but now I am blessed with a full week, a good work location to network at places that could further my goals and blessed to work somewhere that will continue to help me grow and hone my skills. We’ll see how it goes…

It can be discouraging to get into the thought of societal timelines vs. what your life’s reality actually was and is, but alas wallowing in misfortunes forever does nothing. Keep putting yourselves out there and keep the faith! Something is bound to happen that will make you look back on this sour time and appreciate how to take the good with the bad—it will definitely be a motivator that’s for sure! So, as cheesy as it sounds, to all my people going through the work struggle in these ridonculous  times, keep your head up!


P.S. Please feel free to comment and share your work struggle story! It be awesome if you aren’t a bot as well!

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