Chef Driven Season 2 premier!!!

I am very excited to announce that (unbeknownst to me ;D) Chef Driven Season 2 has premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS! I joined the film crew for a second time around as the sound mixer this time (summer 2015) and was very grateful for the entire experience! This show combines three of my loves; food, travel and film! Meet farmers, explore where different foods come from and how they are prepared as we travel internationally:


I’m in the middle in a bee suit filming our honey episode on the great “Grampa’s Gourmet Honey” farm in Alamosa, CO in the San Luis Valley! Director Aaron Colussi to the left and camera man Wesley Wingo to the right. Photo credit: Jenny Kahabka (our PA!)

Here I am rolling sound above the action at the Wyoming Whisky warehouse in Kirby, Wyoming. This is for episode 1, “Just Beyond the Corn Belt.” Photo Credit: Jenny Kahabka

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