“Your faith in miracles, and yourself, must be greater than your fear. … Fall down, get up, look stupid, cry, laugh, make a mess, clean it up and not stop until you get there. No matter what.”

Jen Sincero

“You are a Badass”

Lake Powell and the southwest!

Hey guys, very sorry I haven’t posted lately, I’ve been a little busy. Anyway, recently I took a trip to awesome Lake Powell and then down to New Mexico! I photographed many beautiful landscapes along the way and would love to share them with you all. Arizona and New Mexico have great treasures like Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley, forests and the White Sands in the middle of the dessert!

I took this trip because, well, I felt like it was time to take a little getaway and because I’m about to be 30! I thought a fun boat adventure and sightseeing/camping with friends would be a great way to unwind for a minute. My favorite part of the trip was the boat ride through the lake and being poolside in front of the lake with my love 😉 Antelope Canyon was also super magnificent and I am definitely going back when it’s not Memorial Day weekend and packed with people! Our group only scratched the surface exploring this great lake and I will definitely come back to play!

These photos are shot with a Nikon D750 camera and obviously compressed here. Please go to the photography section where I will be uploading all photos shortly and where you can see much more landscape in depth! All photography there is available for purchase and can be turned into great canvas art! Thanks for your support everyone…


Arriving at Lone Rock, lake Powell to snag our camping spot for the weekend!


We found such a primo spot! This is before it got crazy and packed with people for Memorial Day weekend…


Lone Rock, Lake Powell

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ and the role of the U.N.


Theatrical Release Poster

Editor’s Note: Spoilers ahead!

Captain America: Civil War is the reason why going to the movies is one of my favorite pastimes. Certain movies, when done correctly, invoke a sense of inspiration when you leave the theater that make you contemplate morality, characters, philosophy, politics and the parallels of art imitating life. And the fact that this is an epic comic book movie with crazy battle scenes, eye-candy superheroes and bad-ass female roles, work in its favor to make you want to watch it a second time.

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