The 2016 election looks more like an oligarchy than a democracy


Bernie Sanders (left), Donald Trump (right)


Interestingly enough, I just finished studying a United States civics lessons manual in preparation for my naturalization test this week. I came to the U.S when I was two years old from apartheid South Africa which my family was trying to flee from. Like many of my peers, I grew up always thinking of myself as an American with a proud background, but I on the other hand had to experience life without basic rights in adulthood—voting, working, driving, obtaining identification, obtaining higher education, and traveling to name a few hardships. I know what it feels like to watch life go by from the sidelines and the scary feeling of not being protected under our constitution, which in the above mentioned manual’s first page states, “establishes a government called ‘representative democracy.’” A nation where the people are to elect our government officials, not political party insiders and rigging of the system.

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